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Over twenty years experience primarily as a manager and consultant in information and networking, and telecommunication technology, with a strong emphasis on financial services industry. Strong management and technical skills on "break through" projects aligning business needs to technologies to increase competitiveness, boost performance, and reduce costs.


Current member, Elderly Housing Committee, Weston, MA
co-chair Weston Democratic Town Committee
Various Non-Profit Activities e.g. -

2002 - 2007

Board Member  Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts

1995 - 2003

Board Member & Chair  The Evergreen State College Foundation
     Olympia, WA

1989 - 1991

Board Member & Chair  Courtyard Condominium Trust
     Condo Board: 47 Harvard Street, Charlestown, Massachusetts - 78 units
HMG, Inc. Independent Consulting

Wonk newmedia - DIRECTOR - Startup firm: Internet, multimedia software & services

1995 - present

Web site development & hosting services, consulting, e-commerce for commercial and non-profit enterprises.
HMG, Inc. Independent Consulting

1994 - present

Small Business - Strategic planning, brand development, financing, marketing, distribution for start up firms.
Financial Services - Assisted First Union National Bank in its evaluation of financial marketing workstations and other customer Service technologies, Explored options for developing connectivity between 'back end' production systems and client workstations.
  Information Technology - Designed CIO symposium on new user interfaces for mainstream business applications for Cambridge Technologies Partners to build client relationships.
  Telecommunications - Research new product distribution channels for networking device startup.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Systems Integration Bureau -
Office of Management Information Systems (OMIS)

1992 - 1993

Responsible for introducing new technology, including client/server, CASE and relational databases, to a traditional data processing organization which depended largely on 1970's technology and practices.
Directed re-engineering and development efforts for PARIS (Personnel Administrative Reporting Information System), $2.4 million annual budget.
Managed multimillion dollar projects providing design and implementation support to a large scale Information Technology effort to reengineer most of the Commonwealth's statewide systems, supported by a $100 Million plus bond bill. Implemented State's first statewide client/server system.
Created "Open" access to enterprise information stored in mainframe systems (e.g. through the use of middleware) to both "empower" information owners and get "the data out of jail" for the Commonwealth's managers.
Directed over thirty systems professionals of Office of Systems Integration in introducing new technologies to state government by pioneering the application new techniques and tools.

Fidelity Investments STRATEGIC SYSTEMS CONSULTANT - Retail Marketing / Strategic Systems

1989 - 1991

Conceived, designed and supervised marketing strategy and technical direction for Financial Advisors Workstation, targeted to "high end" investment advisor .
Product Manager for Fidelity Investors Express <terminal based> and Fidelity Online Express <PC based> - online brokerage systems
Designed, developed and managed Fidelity Investments Customer Information Server (FICIS). Provides information from Fidelity's production information systems directly to distributed customer applications, using client server architecture. Draws information from 20+ production systems in three cities, and to customers through PC, fax machine and automated voice systems.

 Arthur D. Little MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT - Information & Telecommunication Systems

1988 -1989

Managed case advising on conversion from single site database, operations, and data processing architecture to a dual (3090) site distributed architecture for 650 branch Brazilian bank. Achieved excellent technical solution to strategic banking challenges.
Designed and developed "state of the art" office automation system and 1,000 plus workstation local area network for new headquarters campus facilities of major international bank in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Resulted in complete office automation design, reports and analysis, blueprints, and bidding specifications.

Bankers Trust   VICE PRESIDENT - Credit Policy


Managed development and operation of the RAROC Facility System, global portfolio management system for all credit assets of the bank's $50 plus billion asset portfolio. RAROC (Risk Adjusted Return On Capital) is Bankers Trust's risk evaluation methodology, similar reserve requirement techniques later adopted by Federal Reserve and FDIC.
Coordinated development of mainframe portion of $1 million plus system which collects information from all operational credit and MIS systems of the bank for RAROC.
Implemented reporting and inquiry of RAROC databases on the mainframe, on workstation local area network: using a fourth generation language, and an executive information system.

Arthur Young   MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT - Information & Telecommunications Technology


Original Manager of the Distributed Data Processing effort for the firms National Office. In charge of team that developed and implemented the strategy for decentralizing data processing.

Design and development work on primary online brokerage system for major investment bank, using ADABAS and NATURAL in an IBM mainframe environment.

Designed and supervised Systems and User Acceptance Testing process of microcomputer based Store Manager's Business System for large chain of stores.

Coordinated operational review of technical services (e.g. CICS, MVS, IMS, etc.) for "Fortune 100" MIS Department which untangled a system software environment nightmare.

New Hampshire - Office of State Planning   PLANNER/MODELER  -  Economic Development

1979 - 1981

Major activities focused on economic research and planning for executive branch of state government. Including: Municipal finance database and analysis programs; Computerized models and grants tracking program; Programs for fiscal impact of tax exempt property for special legislative committee.

Harmer Steel Products    VICE PRESIDENT - Operations

1978 - 1979

Revived family specialty steel business dealing in rail and caraway materials. Developed and implemented marketing strategy; bought out principal competitor; reduced large inventory; produced first catalog, returned to healthy profitability.

M.S. Computer and Information Systems
Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
[Hybrid graduate degree combined MS Computer Science with MBA]
B.A. Economics and History
The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA

Technical Background:
    • Extensive Internet, web, and networking experience in design, operation and development

    • Marketing and technical design, development, and implementation work on applications over the World Wide Web / Internet.

    • Consulting for Financial Services systems for many commercial banking, investment banking, brokerage, mutual fund, and operations clients.

    • Detailed microcomputer hardware and software experience from before the development of IBM PC, including working in Arthur Young's National Office Microcomputer Technology Group from 1983 to 1984, and involvement in Dartmouth's campus wide networking and Macintosh strategy (1981-83) and Arthur Young's firm wide implementation of Macintosh Audit systems, to my current work today.

    • Client / Server design, evaluation and implementation of software and hardware for distributed data processing, local area networks, wide area networks, telecommunications, imaging, public data networks.

    • Wide experience in database design, administration and tuning using many different database management systems (DBMS).

    • Information systems planning, building new application development environments, software analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and operation.

    • IBM, Unisys Honeywell, and even GE mainframes; AT&T, STRATUS, TANDEM and Hewlett Packard minicomputers; and IBM, Apple, Compaq, Dell, and many other personal computers.

    • Extensive experience with HTML, SSI, PL/1, NATURAL, MS/Windows, Visual BASIC, FOCUS, PASCAL, MS-DOS, BASIC, C, UNIX, Macintosh development and JCL; operating environments include MacOS, NATURAL, ADABAS, DB2, MVS, CICS, COMPLETE, VOS, WIN32 and NT.


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